High Quality Sweet Whey Powder

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High Quality sweet whey powder is produced from cheese lactic liquid whey by means of condensation, crystallization and further water removal in the spray dryer. Intended for food use and production of infant formula. 
  • Appearance and consistency: fine dry powder, consisting of elementary agglomerated particles of whey powder. Lumps easily crushed following mechanical impact are allowed. 
  • Colour: White slightly yellow, hоmogeniously spread
  • Taste and flavor: Common to lactic whey smell, slightly salty and sweetish taste
High quality sweet whey powder (food grade) is used in the following industry branches: 
  • dairy industry – production of whole-milk products, spreads, sour cream products, curd cheese and curd products, yogurts, ice-cream, condensed milk, processed cheese, infant formula and drinks. Usage of cheese powder ameliorates texture, taste, viscosity, increases nutritive value, prevents weeping, tinctures creamy structure, provides depression of freezing point in ice-cream. 
  • confectionery industry – production of wafer sheets, biscuits, gingerbread, kissel, jelly, pudding, gelatin dessert. 
  • food concentrates industry – production of sauces, kissels, jellies, puddings, and different desserts.
  • bakery – production of bakery (bread, cookies, cupcakes, crackers, ring-shaped roll) and macaroni products. Cheese powder influences dough smoothness, improves taste and increases biological and nutritional value. 
  • meat industry – is used aiming to increase viscosity of meat substance, to flavor finished meat products. 
  • brewing industry – is used as an active enzyme in the production of brewing syrup. 
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Sales markets Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; North America; Africa; Central/South America
Supplied from Belarus

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High Quality Sweet Whey Powder

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