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Wei teh flavour & fragrance biotechnology corp. Offers a wide range of products which includes flavours for beveragewei teh offers flavours for beverage. The most well-known flavor products from wei teh are those for non alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. It offers extensive ranges of flavors including emulsions and highly-concentrated flavors such as berry (blackberry / blueberry / cranberry), citrus (citron / grapefruit / kumquat / lemon), ground fruits (pineapple / sugar cane), vine fruits (grape / muscat / melon / cantaloupe / watermelon), tree fruits (apple / pear / cherry / peach / apricot / plum / banana / date / pomegranate mango / avocado / mangosteen / guava / dried longan / papaya), floral (chrysanthemum / osmanthus / jasmine / rose), nutty (almond / chocolate / cocoa / coconut / coffee / hazelnut ), herbal (bergamot/ black tea/ green tea/ cola / mint / earl gary tea/ lavender), others (cream soda / brown sugar / honey). Contact us for more information.
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