BIOZYME: The Fermented Vegetable Extract

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Encounter microorganisms, Bacillus sp. Biozyme. This is our original bacillus and has a special ability that produces active ingredients such as enzyme or polysaccharide.The quest for the condition to fully demonstrate their ability (original medium/ingredient, long-term culture/long-term maturation). These conditions were Multiplied, and the fermented vegetable extract BIOZYME was invented. BIOZYME is an absorbable low molecular extract. On the process, enzyme turns into peptide, and polysaccharide turns into oligosaccharide. BIOZYME is a necessary item for the diet of modern people whose ability of producing internal enzyme deteriorates because of aging and unbalanced diet.BIOZYME has an unique process that carefully selected over 40 kinds of vegetable derived raw materials (Fruit vegetables, edible herbs, stem vegetables, root crops, herbs, grains, nut fruits, seaweeds, etc.) are fermented by bacteria that effectively produces useful compounds. Furthermore,  they are matured in low temperature. We spend more than a half year to make BIOZYME with a great care.
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BIOZYME: The Fermented Vegetable Extract

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