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Galic Bina Mada, PT


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PT. Galic Bina Mada is a well-established, leading suppliers for General Food Chemicals, hydrocolloid systems, food colorings and various food additives for beverages, snacks, confectionary, condiments as well as functional foods and many more.

Galicgum - Hydrocolloids have a wide array of functional properties in foods. These include thickening, gelling, emulsifying, stabilization, and controlling the crystal growth of ice and sugar though the basic properties for which hydrocolloids find extensive use are thickening and gelling. Hydrocolloids disperse in water to give a thickening or viscosity producing effect. This water-thickening property is common to all hydrocolloids and is the prime reason for their overall use. The extent of thickening varies with the type and nature of hydrocolloids, with a few giving low viscosities at a fairly high concentration but most of them giving high viscosities at concentration, below 1%.

Galicol - Food colours are any of numerous dyes, pigments, or other additives used to enhance the appearance of fresh and processed foods. Colouring ingredients include natural colours, derived primarily from vegetable sources and sometimes called vegetable dyes; inorganic pigments; combinations of organic and metallic compounds (called lakes); and synthetic coal-tar substances. They are added to orange and potato skins, sausage casings, baked goods, candies, carbonated drinks, gelatin desserts, powdered drink mixes, and many other foods. Many of these additives are also employed as colouring agents in cosmetics, drugs, and products such as toothpaste and mouthwash.

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Sales markets Asia
Primary business activity Manufacturer: Food & Beverage Finished Products
Affiliated categories: Colours |Contract manufacturing |Emulsifiers / Lecithins More

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Galic Bina Mada, PT

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