Kemin launches a Food Safety Solution for Processed Meats

24 Jul 2019

Kemin has launched a new clean-label product with antioxidant properties protects freshness, flavour and colour.

NaturCEASE Dry is a clean-label combination of buffered vinegar and natural plant extracts developed to keep processed meat products safe and fresh.

Kemin launches a Food Safety Solution for Processed Meats
Appearance of raw minced beef treatments stored at 4° C in the dark.

Meat spoilage can be divided into two criteria: oxidative rancidity and microbial spoilage. Both have a sensory impact and an impact on colour, but, more importantly, microbial contamination affects meat safety.
NaturCEASE Dry combines multiple benefits into one blend. The one-stop solution controls spoilage bacteria while maintaining the bright red colour and fresh flavour of processed meat products.

Our NaturCEASE Dry solution offers a total freshness package. It's user-friendly for customers and provides the needed convenience they seek.

Consumers today are demanding natural food products without artificial ingredients. The meat industry is facing this trend as retailers push for cleaner, clearer and simpler labels. With NaturCEASE Dry, meat manufacturers can better meet this growing demand for clean-label ingredients and transparency.

Mincing of meat speeds up quality deterioration. This is due to the increased surface area and microbial contamination caused by grinding. In the meat industry, antioxidants such as ascorbic acid (E300) are used to delay lipid oxidation, thereby delaying the development of off-flavours and improve colour stability. To ensure products stay fresh and safe to consume, antimicrobials can be used to inhibit growth of microorganisms. Commonly used synthetic antimicrobials are sodium lactate (E325) and sodium acetate (E262(i)).

NaturCEASE Dry is a multifunctional blend offering convenience to meat manufacturers.

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