Making a sustainable business

11 Nov 2020

How to guarantee our current needs, without compromising the future of our communities? This is a question that is often difficult to answer, especially in business.

In 1987, the ONU determined the importance and interaction of 3 essential pillars: “the protection of nature, and the development of people and economic growth”, with which we could project a promising future, without neglecting our present.

Making a sustainable business

Elisur Organic, is a Peruvian company, which exports organic ginger and turmeric to the world. An initiative that combines the passion for the land of experienced farmers, with the talent and freshness of young people with a vision that crosses borders, and how together they see markets, gondolas around the world.

This article is to publicize the activities related to sustainability within the three essential pillars mentioned above, in which Elisur Organic has been working.

Protection of our nature:

Our production activities are based on organic agriculture, focused on the proper and efficient use of the resources of our farms, maintenance of fertility and recovery of the soils used, the proper use of organic fertilizers and control of pests, diseases and weeds. Today we have 56 agricultural partners, all with certified fields, reaching 200 hectares for the 2021 season that will produce 6000 tons. We have organic certification for the United States of America, the European Union and Canada.

People development

At Elisur Organic, we trust in the talent of people, we know that each professional has learned specific skills that will magnify their area, that is why we are one of the few companies in this part of Peru, which invests in: trained and specialized personnel, care of their health (all staff) and promotion of their professional personal development, today they are our family, we do not mind giving up a profit margin because we know that we are forming the basis for a great long-term vision.

All this strategic effort is capitalized, through our GRASP certification, which allowed us to continue learning, and also to pay off the effort made.

Economic growth

Accessing foreign markets helped us to increase the volume of production, improve the income margin, have constant work throughout the year, all this increased the jobs and improved the income conditions and quality of life of our partner farmers, however, it also had a positive impact on the economy of the central Peruvian jungle, specifically the Pichanaki area. Nowadays Elisur Organic, has been implementing the necessary conditions to certify in Fair Trade, which allows us to guarantee and pay off our efforts.

Elisur Organic was born with a sustainable approach and we are present in the three essential pillars of sustainability, we are proud of it, today we can say that sustainability is not only a tool to leverage a company, sustainability is an attitude, an attitude towards life, a way of thinking and making our actions coherent. If we want to prevail as a company and as human beings, we must act now.

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