Modified citrus pectin (a small citrus pectin)

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Modified citrus pectin (Modified Citrus Pectin referred MCP) also known as low molecular weight citrus pectin (Low Molecular Citrus Pectin referred LCP) is a product of natural citrus pectin CP after hydrolysis, molecular weight after hydrolysis 5000-35000Da, the degree of esterification 2-30%. First, the role of hydrolysis of pectin straight off to reduce the molecular weight. Second is to reduce the degree of esterification. MCP is easily absorbed in the intestine into the blood circulation, and directly stimulate the body's immune system, it can be combined with the blood of heavy metals and thus facilitate their excreted. Since MCP has a wealth of galactose monomers, it is possible to produce specific tumor suppression function. MCP can significantly improve appetite, increase immune function and regulation of immune disorders; lower cholesterol prevent atherosclerosis, lowering blood pressure, blood glucose, treatment and prevention of obese fatty liver, treatment of various cancers. Thus, MCP can be used to enhance the immune function of the preparation of medicines, food and health products.
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Modified citrus pectin (a small citrus pectin)

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