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Citrus Pectin (Citrus Pectin called CP) is extracted from citrus, lemons, oranges, grapefruit peel, pulp a polysaccharide compound, its molecular structure is the existence of a long-chain carbohydrate having a molecular weight of 5-30 Wan Da, the degree of esterification is 20-75%. Natural citrus pectin is generally used as a food additive, it has good gelling, stabilizing, emulsifying, thickening, suspension function. Pectin is natural without any side effects of soluble dietary fiber, has a very important role in the health food, began to be recognized and applied. Natural pectin can not be absorbed in the intestine after eating only the role of the stomach in, natural pectin good for the body but its functionality is limited to the digestive system.
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Citrus Pectin

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