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Neotron SpA offers a wide range of analytical and technical services which includes mycotoxin. It belongs to food and feed category. Different mycotoxins can contaminate food or feed products and jeopardize their healthiness. Their presence is connected to the growth of moulds which contaminate food product in different levels of the food chain and in uneven way. Sampling procedures require therefore that the sample to be analyzed is representative of the batch. NEOTRON great experience in the field of analysis on food products is implemented in the validation of analytical procedures, specific for the different food matrices. Analytical techniques: Analytical procedures specifically validated on the different matrices and sample preparation protocols aiming at reducing variability of the analytical value, guarantee accurate and repeatable analytical data. In particular, the sample is treated according to "Slurry" technique, which requires fine mixing fo the product in order to make it perfectly homogeneous and the mycotoxin to be tested evenly distributed inside the sample.
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