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Neotron SpA offers a wide range of analytical and technical services which includes dyes. It belongs to food and feed category. The use of colorants in food products is due to the fact that in many products colour is perceived as a characterizing element and indicator of quality. Food industry uses colorants to make up for changes in colour due to production processes but sometimes also to mask the low quality of raw materials. In some fields, such as confectionery, colorants are largely used also for decoration and artistic purposes. Analytical techniques: The analytical technique employed for the analysis of colorants is liquid chromatography. The use of high selectivity and sensitivity detectors (HPLC-MS/MS) and high precision detectors (HPLC-VIS) allows to face every situation in an optimal way, from the detection of traces of an unwanted colorant in complex matrices to the precise quantification of colorants present in high quantities.
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