New French fund to invest in sports health

10 Jul 2019

Caisse d’Epargne and Seventure Partners have announced the creation of a new fund dedicated to the economics of sport: Sport & Performance Capital.

This €80 million fund aims at investing in startup companies and SMEs evolving in the fields of sports and wellness, furthering physical activity to preserve health and physical fitness.

New French fund to invest in sports health

Caisse d’Epargne, Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games Premium Sponsor, says it is committed either to finance companies evolving in sports and wellness or to facilitate professional retraining of former athletes. It also supports local companies.

Investing in the development of the economics of sports everywhere in France,

Sport & Performance Capital was created with finance company Seventure Partners. For more than 20 years, Seventure Partners has developed a world-wide network in the fields of health, food and nutrition, and digital technologies.The fund aims to invest €80m in French companies with high growth potential, selected for their innovation or their specific know-how in the fields of sports and wellness.

The fund will identify and finance companies developing and providing products or services connected to sports, such as: innovative clothing, new materials for sports practice, equipment, specific food or nutrition products, connected devices, performance tracking tools, physical parameters measurement devices, digital innovations, coaching, development of areas, equipment or events promoting the practice of sports.

The term of the investment period of the fund will coincide with the beginning of the Paris Olympic Games in July 2024 and will enable the investment team to identify around 15 companies to be invested in by the fund. Sport & Performance Capital will then accompany those companies during their development in order to accelerate their growth, until 2029.

An Advisory Investment Committee will be created, that will consist of Caisse d’Epargne managers, athletes or former athletes such as Sarah Ourahmoune, Rio Olympic Games vice-champion, founder and CEO of Boxer Inside, and Tanguy de La Forest, member of the French archery team and co-founder of Défi RH Consulting, and Seventure Partners’ experts.