New natural vegan cheese and dairy flavors

20 Jul 2021

The Jeneil natural vegan flavors offer a diverse variety of authentic natural vegan flavors for vegan cheese and dairy applications.

The natural vegan flavors are developed by our technologists, who have decades of experience in analyzing and creating cheese flavor and dairy flavor profiles. For that reason they are available in a wide selection of cheese, butter and milk profiles.

New natural vegan cheese and dairy flavors
Pleasent tasty vegan cheese flavors

Real cheese and dairy taste for vegan foods!

Elevate your next plant-based food application with great tasting flavor. Jeneil leverages decades of experience to deliver authentic dairy-type flavors for vegan plant-based applications.

Jeneil´s expertise in flavor release and masking of off-notes delivers superior dairy and cheese flavor impact in a broad range of demanding non-dairy and vegan application.

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