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Oregano is a Mediterranean herb which grows between 20 and 80 cm. Oregano is widely used in culinary and medical purposes for centuries. As a vital ingredient of Mediterranean and various cuisines, oregano is used for pizza, pasta sauce, grilled meats, salad and many other dishes. Oregano tea and oil of oregano is used for medical and antiseptic solutions as well. Flavor of oregano is also a must for lots of mixed herbs. Oregano’s flavor and strength vary widely according to the climate and region where it is grown. The Climate of Turkey has a perfect natural condition for Turkish oregano with a very nice appetizing flavor and scent. Karya Agro’s oregano leaves are carefully selected to ensure consistency in leaf size, color, and flavor.

Botanical Name : Origanum vulgare
Available Product Variety : At different oil, ground & whole.
Packaging : 10 Kg Kraft bag, 25 Kg PP bag, etc.
Product Form : Steam Sterilization and non-sterile.
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Categories Flavours and Spices
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Africa
Product Applications Food Supplements; Sauces & Seasoning

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