Prayphos-Kasomel-Carfosel-Praylev- sodium, calcium and potassium salts.

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PRAYON S.A provides range of food phosphates is divided into simple phosphates (marketed under the brand name prayphosTM) and specialities intended for very specific industries. These specialities include the carfoselTM range for the meat and fish industries, the kasomelTM range for cheese spreads and the PraylevTM range for the bakery sector. Simple phosphates are sodium, potassium or calcium salts of phosphoric acid. Based on their level of condensation or of polymerisation, a distinction is generally made between the following phosphates: Orthophosphates, which are known for their stabilising properties and their ability to maintain the pH at specific levels. This property optimises the overall protein load and therefore the texture of many products; pyrophosphates, which are highly effective sequestrants of small ions (metal ions), making them sought-after auxiliary agents in all applications where these ions cause unwanted biochemical reactions. For instance, they efficiently delay oils and fats going rancid and prevent cut potatoes from turning black; tripolyphosphates and polyphosphates are powerful sequestrants of larger ions, such as calcium and magnesium ions. This means they are valuable tools in regulating the ‘mineralisation’ of proteins, conditioning their ability to emulsify, expand or precipitate. Polyphosphates are renowned for their capacity to limit the development of micro-organisms and so extend the life of many products. Applications: Meat, fish and sea food, process cheese, baked goods, potatoes, vegetables, drinks, cereals.
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Prayphos-Kasomel-Carfosel-Praylev- sodium, calcium and potassium salts.

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