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Amla, 30% Tannins, Botanical Name: Emblica officinalis Indications: Antioxidant, Anti-ageing, General Tonic Astaxanthin,1.5-10% Asthaxanthin Powder/Oleoresin, Botanical Name : Haematococcus pluvialis Indications: Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory.Supports skin, eye,cardiovascular health Bacopa, 20-50 % Bacosides, Botanical Name : Bacopa monnieri Indications: Brain tonic, Memory boosterBlack Pepper 98% Piperine,Botanical Name:Piper nigrum, Indications: Healthy digestive system, Management of Cough and coldBoswellia,65-95% Total Boswellic acids, HBD, Botanical Name :Boswellia serrata Indications: Anti-inflammatory, Pain management, Skin diseasesColeus 10-95% Forskohlin,Botanical Name :Coleus forskohlii Indications: Weight management supportCurcumin 5-95% Curcuminoids, Granules, Water Dispersable, Botanical Name:Curcuma longa Indications: Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory,Tonic,Acid Flatulent,Skin diseasesFenugreek,50% Saponins, 20% ,40% 4 Hydroxyisoleucine,Botanical Name :Trigonella foenum-Graecum Indications : Cholesterol Management,Diabetes Control Garcinia 50 - 60% Hydroxycitric, Botanical Name : Garcinia cambogia Indications : Weight management supportGinger,5 - 15% Total Gingerols ,30% Oleoresin,Botanical Name :Zingiber officinale Indications: Digestive aid, Anti-nausea,Anti-inflammatoryGreen Coffee 45 -55% Chlorogenic acids,Botanical Name,Coffea robusta Indications: Antioxidant, Diabetes control, Cardiovascular supportLutein ( Marigold) 5 - 20% Lutein Ester , Soft /Powder /Beadlets, 5 - 40% Free Lutein , Soft /Powder /Beadlets,Botanical Name :Tagetes erecta Indications: Eye nutrition and protection, Skin care, Antioxidant Mucuna Pruriens, Specifications 10 - 30% L-Dopa, Botanical Name. Mucuna pruriens Indications : Aphrodisiac , Nervine tonic , Sports nutrition Withania Somnifera ( Ashwagandha), 2.5 - 5% Total Withanoloids, Botanical Name : Withania somnifera Indications :Anti-stress agent, General Tonic , Adaptogen Zeaxanthin 5% Zeaxanthin powder, Botanical Name, Tagetes erecta Indications: Eye care, Antioxidant, General wellness
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Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe
Supplied from India

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Standardized Extracts for NutritionS

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