Veripan claims "major breakthrough" in sourdough development

24 Jan 2018

Veripan has announced what it describes as a major breakthrough in sourdough development with its all-in-one natural biopreservative solution, Panatura Protect.

Veripan claims major breakthrough in sourdough development

Veripan has announced what it describes as a major breakthrough in sourdough development with its biopreservative, Panatura Protect. For the first time in history, the company claims, bakers can use an “all-in-one” solution for long shelf-life bakery products. It is said to be completely natural, with no chemical preservatives, no dough conditioners and no undesirable off-flavours. This means, according to Veripan, that manufacturers can remove undesirable chemicals from their formulations, replacing themwith a consumer-friendly and ecologically sustainable sourdough. By using biopreservative Panatura Protect, the company says it is essentially possible to make long shelf-life bakery products in a natural way without drawbacks of chemical preservatives.

“Panatura Protect is the Holy Grail for the packed bread industry, due to its natural ingredients, high effectiveness and no flip-side,” said Meiert J. Grootes, CEO of Veripan.

Panatura Protect was developed based on Veripan’s proprietary fermentation technology. It is said to use special types of baker’s yeast in a symbiotic combination with naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria and Propionibacterium.

A shelf-life of 20 days or more at ambient temperature can be achieved for final bakery product, Veripan says: how many days can be achieved depends on packaging, moisture content and pH of the final bakery product. The company notes that the functionality of Panatura Protect was validated by extensive in-house testing and accompanying industrial trials with shelf-life studies together with major customers.

Panatura long fermented sourdough can be used for the production of all yeast-raised bakery goods such as sandwich loaves, baguettes, Ciabatta, hamburger buns and rolls. They can be produced by automatic machinery or traditional craft, without any bread improvers or dough conditioners.

Furthermore, Panatura is said to be suitable for all well-known dough and bakery systems including delayed and interrupted fermentation methods, par baking, refrigeration, and deep-freezing systems. Panatura Protect can be added directly to other raw materials during the production of the main dough.

“Panatura Protect is now available on commercial scale and we are delighted to serve global bakery industry with this breakthrough innovation, especially relevant for consumer friendly products,” said Grootes.