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Im Neuen Felde 87 • 29525 • Uelzen • Germany •

Uelzena EG

About this company

Success needs best ingredients.Uelzena eG is a dairy cooperative located in Northern Germany near to Hamburg. Together with its subsidiary WS Warmsener Spezialitäten the milk specialist produces a high-quality milk based "Uelzena Ingredients" range and comprehensive contract processing services. The ingredients range for the baking, confectionery and delicatessen industry includes skimmed milk powder, anhydrous milk fat and sweetened condensed milk as well as customized milk fat products and premixes. The contract processing services are focused on drying natural colors and flavors as well as vitamins, minerals, vegetable extracts, spices and additives. Contract processing of butter and anhydrous milkfat, fractionation as well as standardizing and manufacturing of cream products complete this services. 

Milk powder
›  Low Heat and Medium Heat skimmed  milk powder
›  Standardized skimmed  milk powder
›  Partly standardized skimmed  milk powder
›  Non-standardized skimmed  milk powder
›  Buttermilk powder
Milk fats (standard)
›  Anhydrous  milk fat
›  Butterfat with  vanillin or carotene
›  Butterfat fine or softened  with  nitrogen
›  German best quality butter
›  Butter containing added vanillin or carotene
Milk fats (individual)
›  Milk  fat with  defined  melting point
›  Liquid (pumpable) milk fat
›  Premixes from  milk fat and ingredients
›  Decolorized white  milk fat
›  Milk  fat fractions
›  Blends from  milk and plant fats
Milk fat products
›  Sweetened condensed milk with  various levels of fat and dry matter
›  Type Dulce de leche
›  Gourmet  cream with  various levels of fat
›  Créme fraîche and sour cream
›  Yoghurts for delicatessen and desserts
›  Customized premixes/preparations

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Im Neuen Felde 87 • 29525 • Uelzen • Germany •

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Sales markets
Western Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Central/South America
Contract manufacturing

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