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Black/White Chia Seed (Conventional/Organic)

Chia seeds are a highly nutritious “ancient grain” native to the Americas that were historically consumed by both the Aztecs and Mayans.

The health benefits of chia seeds have only recently been rediscovered. Chia seeds provide the highest plant-based source of omega-3 fatty acids known to exist. They also contain high levels of antioxidants, dietary fibre, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Andean Grain produces its chia seed in the foothills of the Andes Mountains which provide the ideal conditions for chia production due to their fertile soils, optimal rainfall and high altitude, a factor very important in achieving maximum omega-3 and antioxidant content.

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Categories Proteins
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; Australia; North America
Supplied from Argentina; Belgium

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Black/White Chia Seed

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