Dead Sea Magnesium Capsules

Product description

Biolabor® Magnesium capsules contain a special magnesium from the Dead Sea in high dosage. For more than 2000 years the special positive qualities of the Dead Sea are used for maintaining the health of body and mind. With regard to its composition, the salt of the Dead Sea is a very special mineral: it contains a very high concentration of minerals and trace elements due to the prevailing desert climate and the strong evaporation found there. Because the Dead Sea is a closed body of water, the precious enriched salts such as magnesium salts are retained. This salt is pre-dried by the intense sunlight in big evaporation ponds at the south end of the Dead Sea, and the magnesium salts are processed for production, for example for use in the Biolabor® Dead Sea Magnesium Capsules.
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