Heat treatment equipment for dry ingredients

Product description

Revtech supplies custom-made industrial solutions for the heat treatment of dry ingredients. It has installed over 120 industrial units throughout the world in the food industry.
Our equipment can be used for various applications simply by adapting the operating parameters of the machine:
  • Pasteurizing herbs, spices, botanicals, flour, grains, seeds and nuts,
  • Stabilizing cereal products (germs, brans, flour…) and enzymatic inhibition of seeds and beans,
  • Drying flour, grains, flakes or any part of cereals,
  • Toasting & roasting products such as flour, malt, flakes or grains/seeds like wheat, sesame, sunflower, soya, nuts…
  • Puffing grains,
  • Heat treating flour to modify its properties (viscosity modification via protein denaturation…).
    The same unit can be used with flour, brans, germs, whole grains, or any other cereal products, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices.

    The technology is based on simple principles:
    • Gentle transport & homogeneous mixing in a closed spiral tube by vibrations,
    • Heating by direct contact with an electrical  impedance tube,
    • Heat treatment in a confined and controlled atmosphere. 
    Revtech can supply continuous units from 200 kg/h to 5 ton/h.
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    Categories Processing machinery
    Supplied from France
    Product Applications Bakery; Brewing; Confectionary; Pet Food / Animal Nutrition; Ready meals; Vegetarian / Vegan Products

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    Heat treatment equipment for dry ingredients

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