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Horseradish is a hardy herb having large leaves, perennial and is grown for its pungent root, which contain oil with strong pungent odour and hot, biting taste. There are two types of horseradish one is 'common type' with broad crinkled leaves and roots of high quality and the other is 'bohemian type' with narrow leaves and poor quality roots. The taproot is tuberous and cylindrical (30 cm long and 18 mm in diameter). Horseradish is used as an appetizing spice. The high vitamin 'c' content present in it is credited with digestive and anti-scorbutic properties. Leaves are used in salads and sandwiches. Grated roots when mixed with vinegar and salt is an appetizing spice and a pungent condiment to enhance the flavour of boiled or roasted beef. Other products in use are horseradish cream, sauce, or relish. Horse raddish is available in dehydrated form also. Horseradish is a stimulant, diaphoretic, diuretic, and digestive. It is used in the treatment for general debility, arthritis, gout, respirative infections, urinary infections and fevers. Contact us for more information.
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