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The Inca inchi oil is extracted from selected seeds of Plukenetia Volubilis Linneo. It is a natural, additive-free, non-refined vegetable oil. Inca Inchi is the best oil plant because of its composition and high nutritional quality. It is the richest vegetable source of essential fatty acids: linoleic omega 6 and alpha-linolenic omega 3, the human body cannot manufacture these and they should form part of daily diet to maintain good health. It provides the body with all the essential fatty acids and omega 3 it needs. The human body uses this oil to synthesize omega 3 EPA and DHA, in sufficient quantities for all its biological needs. Ingredents: 100% Inca Inchi Seed Oil
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Details Fatty acids composition - Palmitic acid (C 16:0): 3.65%, Stearic acid (C 18:0): 2.54%, Oleic acid (C 18:1 w9): 8.28%, Linoleic acid, omega 6 (C 18:2 w6): 36.80%, Alpha linolenic, omega 3 acid (C 18:3 w3): 48.61%, Total saturates: 6.19% and Total unsaturated: 93.69%. Antioxidants - Vitamin A: 681 ug, Vitamin E: 17 mg/100 g. Acid Index: 0.22. Peroxides Index: 3.13. Food additives: None admitted. Nutritional information: Proteins: 33, Total oil: 54, Palmitic Saturated: 3.85, Stearic saturated: 2.54, Total saturated: 6, Oleic mono unsaturated: 8.28, Linoleic omega 6: 36.80, Linolenic omega 3: 48.60, Essential fatty acids: 84.86, Total unsaturated: 93.60.
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Inca Inchi Oil

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