Kemin opens Bakery Innovation Center

4 Nov 2019

Kemin has announced the opening of a new Bakery Innovation Center at its global headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa.

The $1.5 million investment was designed to inspire innovation within the bakery market, and is said to include all the equipment, capabilities and bakery support team needed for Kemin and its customer-partners to accelerate product development.

Kemin opens Bakery Innovation Center

“This is a really exciting time for Kemin and our team as our new Bakery Innovation Center opens,” said Courtney Schwartz, Marketing Director, Kemin Food Technologies. “This center expands our bakery footprint and introduces new capabilities made possible with the latest technology and a dedicated team of experts. Investing in and expanding our team of bakery experts was just as important as building this facility because we are working together with our customer-partners to develop a new generation of bakery products that are sure to exceed consumers’ expectations.”

The bakery expansion also includes the launch of batch packs, premixes, emulsifiers and enzyme blends specific to flatbreads and baked goods. These products complement Kemin Food Technologies’ existing portfolio of plant extracts, antioxidants and mould-inhibiting products to help manufacturers maintain safety and freshness. The dedicated Bakery Innovation Center combines R&D support and expertise, Customer Laboratory Services and an in-house bakery pilot plant, allowing bakery and snack manufacturers to expedite commercialization of new bakery products.

“Our new facility is a game-changer for our bakery business, as it gives us the opportunity to work more closely with our customer-partners,” said Anita Srivastava, Senior Product Development Manager – Bakery Applications, Kemin Food Technologies. “We provide support to customers by helping them understand the process and science behind our ingredient solutions. The Bakery Innovation Center gives us a way to screen and test all new ingredient solutions and processing parameters to ensure success, which is really exciting. The Bakery Innovation Center brings together our scientists from different areas to learn and evaluate the commercial process in house, saving time and creating cost advantages, as extensive travel is no longer required. Now, we do not have to wait for a commercial facility to become available in order to run trials.”