Non-GMO Soy IP Lecithin - Liquid and De-oiled

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Lecithin is manufactured by drying of fresh gums produced during degumming of soybean oil obtained from Non-GMO soybean seeds. It is used for food purposes as an emulsifier, stabilizer, lubricate, release agent, instant zing agent, anti-oxidant and dispersant. Soya Lecithin is used as choline source in Poultry and Animal feeds. Soya Lecithin is also used as an emulsifier, stabilizer in chocolate, confectionery and bakery products. Soya Lecithin has nutraceutical properties and also used in pharmaceutical preparations.The de-oiled soy lecithin powder is a mix of concentrated phospholipids with improved dispersion in water properties and easier handling. They are universally used in an extensive scope of applications.Lecithin powders are a preferred choice for use in different food and feed systems with ample uses as a wetting, softening, conditioning, blending, homogenizing and instantizing agent. Excellent oil in water emulsifier and viscosity enhancers. It improves the wettability behaviour of powders for beverage production and facilitates the uniform distribution of different active ingredients
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Non-GMO Soy IP Lecithin - Liquid and De-oiled

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