Non-GMO Defatted Soy Products(Untoasted) - Flakes, Grits and Flour

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Non-GMO Defatted Soy Flakes/Grits/Flour are produced by the process of cleaning, grading, de-stoning, de-hulling, flaking and solvent extraction of ‘NON GMO’ Soybean seed. After highly efficient extraction with hexane, the de-oiled flakes are desolventised through Flash Desolventization System without denaturing the protein, thereby maintaining high PDI value. The desired consistency of the product is obtained by sieving through the Gyro sieve. Soybean grits are used for making untoasted Soya Flour, soya milk, tofu, soya bean powder, Isolated Soya bean Protein. It is used in Dietetic Foods, Baby Foods / Drink mixes. Soya bean grits can also be used in conjunction with other foods to add protein and texture to food items such as breads, cookies, and cereals. Soybean grits can be used as a source of high protein ingredient in all classes of poultry, aqua, swine and equine feed formulations. Widely used by poultry farms.
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Non-GMO Defatted Soy Products(Untoasted) - Flakes, Grits and Flour

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