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Sopro-TB is a product obtained through the modern processing of selected soybean with a high protein content. It is defatted toasted soybean flour. It is an excellent source of proteins, or essential amino acids and protective substances – minerals and vitamins that are significant for the overall metabolism. The anti-nutritive factors are deactivated using appropriate thermal processing and the usability of the proteins is thus increased. It has high nutritional and biological values and its functional properties (emulgation and stabilisation, a high affinity for water absorption and binding, dispersion, fat emulsification, easily forms protein network, improving the structure and antioxidant action) are useful in the final production process. It is used in various industries such as meat, dietics and pharmaceutical, confectionery and catering. It has shelf life of 24 months. It is available packing size of net weight 25 kg in paper bags with low density polyethylene. It is light yellow to light brown in colour.
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