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Thixogum™ G is the high performance union of a natural emulsifier (acacia gum) and a natural stabilizer (gellan). It ensures the successful development of plant-based beverages, and fulfills consumers’ expectations for clean label ingredients, as well as appealing taste & texture.
Plant-based drink formulations can be challenging due to the need to emulsify and stabilize fat, suspend insoluble particles (pulp, minerals, proteins...), and build texture/mouthfeel. Thanks to its suspensoïd properties, Thixogum™ G is able to stabilize insoluble ingredients with minimal impact to viscosity. It is a perfect stabilizer for dairy alternatives. It can be used in beverages made up of insoluble compounds to suspend particles such as in fruit juices to maintain a homogenous suspension of fruit pulp.
Thixogum™ G is a clean label alternative to traditional emulsifier and stabilizer systems. Encapsulating the gellan gum with acacia gum makes Thixogum™ G easier to dose, disperse and solubilize than gellan gum alone. Thixogum™ G is colorless and tasteless.

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Categories Emulsifiers / Lecithins
Product Applications Beverages; Healthy Food & Beverages

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