Activ’Inside introduces Feminine Excellence

28 Nov 2016

At Health Ingredients Europe, Activ’Inside will introduce a new range. Feminine Excellence is formulated exclusively with 100% organic botanical ingredients, and comprises three solutions.

Activ’Inside introduces Feminine Excellence

Known for its work with grape and saffron, and having already developed the active ingredients Memophenol, SkinAx² and Safr’Inside, Activ’Inside notes that it also offers full ranges of ready-to-use solutions for private labeling based on its botanical extracts: Grape Excellence and SOD Excellence.

At Health Ingredients Europe, Activ’Inside will introduce a new range: Feminine Excellence. Formulated exclusively with 100% organic botanical ingredients, this new range is composed of three solutions dedicated to women: Premenstrual Comfort, Serenity, and Weight Control. Each solution is available with full services allowing fast market access, the company said: clinical studies, patents, claims, and co-branding.

Premenstrual Comfort is the first product formulated with saffron, the company says, a plant having been clinically proven to improve premenstrual comfort, and backed by the pending EFSA claims: “saffron helps to maintain good comfort before and during the menstrual cycle”. The unique chemical profile of Safr’Inside, preserved by applying a traditional and patented process Tech’Care, is claimed to guarantee an efficacy in correcting changes in emotional balance and chest discomfort after only one week of supplementation. As 75% of women also suffered from abdominal cramps and migraines, Premenstrual Comfort also contains yarrow, Feverfew and Hibiscus for an optimal and synergistic action.

Serenity is exclusively formulated with organic flowering plants from the Mediterranean area, symbol of soothing and relaxing lives. Serenity is said to help to relieve daily stress, which impacts more than half of the population. Serenity contains lemon balm, well-known for its relaxing effects, and the patented organic solution Safr’Inside, only saffron extract guaranteed in Safromotivines, the active molecules backed by clinical effectiveness on mood and emotional balance.

Weight Control is formulated with three synergistic ingredients for a full and synergistic slimming action because, says Activ’Inside, the maintenance of a healthy body weight is based on several mechanisms of action. Grape and guarana are traditionally used for their fat burner effects, while dandelion boosts draining functions by helping to maintain urinary tract function.

Activ’Inside offers three ranges of finished solutions for private labelling based on its grape and saffron extracts. The new Feminine Excellence range complements the two existing Grape Excellence and SOD Excellence ranges.

“Each range of solutions aims to accelerate the market access of our customers by offering a full service package including clinical studies, patents, claims, stability studies and co-branding,” said Benoit Lemaire, CEO and Marketing VP of Activ’Inside.