Anlit to introduce Yomi Bears

3 Mar 2020

Anlit is to launch Yomi Bears. The new vegan format contains a high content of nutritional fibres as short-chain carbohydrates (65%), contributing to healthy gut activities. It also could prevent dental caries, the company says.

Yomi Bears is described as a unique, pectin-based food supplement specifically designed for children. The new line comes in a variety of flavours, with a smooth texture that is said to melt in the mouth.

Anlit to introduce Yomi Bears

The composition of the product suits low glycemic index products and is low in calories.

Clean-label, plant-based Yomi Bears are produced without preservatives or synthetic colours. Made entirely of natural ingredients, they are free from animal-sourced ingredients, as well as gluten- and nut-free. The gummies are available to retailers and food supplement marketers for marketing under a private label.