DSM introduces ModuMax taste modulator

1 Dec 2017

At Fi Europe, DSM presented its ModuMax taste modulator, which was developed to answer consumer demand for healthier foods that don’t compromise on taste.

DSM introduces ModuMax taste modulator

At Fi Europe, DSM presented its ModuMax taste modulator. Developed to answer consumer demand for healthier foods that don’t compromise on taste, ModuMax is claimed to be the first taste modulator of its kind that is natural, allergen-free, clean label, and can be used in a wide variety of applications from savoury soups and sauces to sweet beverages and desserts.

As the trend toward healthier eating grows, DSM notes, so does consumer awareness for natural food ingredients along with the demand for clean label products that are delicious. Balancing taste is essential, the company says, when reducing sodium, fat, or sugar, or when adding ingredients with strong off-notes like protein or sweeteners. ModuMax is said to work on multiple levels to improve and balance taste, rebuilding mouthfeel and helping to restore the preferred taste profile in the applications where taste is a challenge. For example, in sugar-reduced soy milk, ModuMax is said to improve the creamy mouthfeel of the beverage while reducing the bitterness and astringency of sweeteners and also masking the ‘beany’ flavour.

“ModuMax is truly a one-of-a-kind solution. It gives food manufacturers a way to balance taste in healthier products, and do it with a clean label,” said Frank Meijer, Product Application Expert at DSM. “This makes it an excellent addition to the formulator’s toolbox to deliver products that are better for you and taste great.”

ModuMax can be labelled as natural flavour according to EU and US regulation, is a clean-label ingredient and certified allergen-free, non-GMO, vegan and vegetarian, kosher and halal. It is preservative-free and beneficial for use in “food-minus” products that are lower in sugar, salt and fat, covering segments such as bouillons and soups, hot and cold sauces, sports protein drinks and meal replacement shakes, alternative plant-based milks, yogurts and desserts, as well as beverages with sweeteners.