Extrudates with VIOGERM® and other raw materials

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The world of VIOGERM® crisps is diverse. Our extrusion technology allows us to process valuable VIOGERM® granulates into crisps, perfectly suited to your requirements. We guarantee consistent product quality and excellent crispiness. The products are made with VIOGERM® wheat germ, rice and maize for babies, children and adults. Some of the products are available in infant-grade quality. Our VIOGERM® crisps can add value to your products in various ways. As well as increasing the dietary fibre, protein and valuable vitamins and minerals in a completely natural way, VIOGERM® also has a unique taste, perfect for bakery products, breakfast cereals, dairy products and chocolates. Our latest development are crisps to use in products for children over six months, like our Fredy + Friends range.

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Extrudates with VIOGERM® and other raw materials

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