Food Processing, upscaling and contract manufacturing

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In today’s fast-moving food market, there is huge demand for new ingredients and new food products. And that, in turn, means you need new, adapted or optimized food production processes. Naturally, the end result must taste, look, feel and smell right – but cost and time-to-market are also critical to success.
Speed your route to market
NIZO helps you accelerate your path to market for new food innovations through extensive production process upscaling support and expert contract manufacturing. We combine over 70 years of experience in both food science and food production processes. So, we understand how to optimize your production processes and how those changes will affect your product, helping speed product and process development. All that know how comes together at our unique pilot production plant. It is the largest food-grade pilot plant in Europe that is open to external companies. Carrying out your product and processes development in a food-grade facility means every prototype can be immediately taste tested, reducing development delays.

Food production upscaling 
NIZO supports you throughout your entire new product or ingredient development journey, from ideation to launch. Our production upscaling support covers the optimization of existing process and the development of brand-new ones. Whether you are a food product manufacturer dealing with new ingredients or an ingredient provider looking for opportunities in new product types, our multidisciplinary expertise and food-grade prototyping cuts your development time and costs. In all cases, you can be sure of a robust production process, thoroughly grounded in science and fully validated in practice. 

Contract manufacturing
Our pilot plant is also an ideal early manufacturing resource for food producers bringing new products or ingredients to market. It allows you to carry out trial production of new or reformulated products without shutting down your own manufacturing plants. You can also use the plant to maintain your production if other facilities are disrupted or increase production when you are already at full capacity. Moreover, it meets all food standard requirements, whether regulatory, religious (e.g. kosher, halal) or consumer preference (e.g. organic). 

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Sales markets Western Europe; North America
End-Use Categories Beverages; Dairy; Food Supplements; Healthy Food & Beverages; Infant Nutrition/ Baby Foods & Infant Formula; Natural Products; Pharmaceutical; Sports Nutrition; Vegetarian / Vegan Products

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Food Processing, upscaling and contract manufacturing

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