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Deliver safe and microbiologically stable food products by design, with minimal spoilage and maximal shelf life

The global food market is constantly changing. From consumer demands like Clean Label products and plant-based proteins to business imperatives such as reducing costs, the industry has a constant need for new ingredients, production processes and food products. In delivering them, food safety your license to produce. Any lapse from the highest food safety levels could lead to public health issues, costly product recalls, damage to your brand reputation and more food wastage.

Ensuring food safety, stopping spoilage and contamination NIZO’s multidisciplinary food safety and chain control expertise helps you navigate this challenging landscape with confidence. We support you in both R&D and quality assurance, helping you ensure safety and quality for new and existing products. In addition to contract research, we offer independent expert consultancy and troubleshooting services to solve incidents quickly and efficiently. 

You can call on our experts’ support throughout the entire food production chain: from raw materials and ingredients, through formulation and process development to the finished product. Wide-ranging food microbiology expertise With over 70 years’ experience in the control of pathogens, spoilage microorganisms and food contaminants, you can rely on us to help protect your image and brand. We are also active in precompetitive consortia and advising standards bodies, developing new expertise and approaches for the wider industry. Drawing on this wide-ranging experience, we manage multidisciplinary food safety projects, interpreting the often complex results to provide real insight and hands-on solutions that ensure food safety by design. 

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Food Safety & Chain Control

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