Frutarom to focus on phytopharma

7 Feb 2017

Following the 2016 acquisition of Extrakt Chemie in Stadhagen, near Hannover, Germany, Frutarom Health reports it will strengthen its focus on its phytopharmaceutical business in 2017.

Frutarom to focus on phytopharma

Frutarom Health reports it will strengthen focus on its phytopharmaceutical business in 2017. and supports the rapid growth of its pure phytopharmaceutical line.

The company notes that the global size of the phytopharmaceutical market is estimated at €750-850 million, with 90% of the market concentrated in the EU. German-speaking countries make up half of that market, followed by France. The predominant health areas this market covers are: cough and cold; mental health (stress, mood, fatigue, restlessness, cognition); gastrointestinal disorders; and cardiovascular health.

Frutarom Health plans to grow its Extrakt Chemie acquisition through globalization via Frutarom’s international sales network. Frutarom has initiated investments in the site to increase production capacity and fulfill the market needs of the pharmaceutical industry. The company has implemented a third production shift, to be followed by an expansion of the site (including production and office areas) to establish Extrakt Chemie as Frutarom´s Pharma Competence Center.

“With the acquisition of Extrakt Chemie, plus the directed site investments in people, equipment, manufacturing buildings and new offices, and the new, combined team of highly experienced pharmaceutical experts, we feel Frutarom can bring significant value to the phytopharmaceuticals market,” said Barbara Bradl, Business Manager Pharma of Frutarom Health. “Adding the legacy Extrakt Chemie portfolio to the already strong EFLApharm line of Frutarom Health products creates new market opportunities for all both the companies and consumers. Growing this business is a key element of the Business Unit Health strategy.”

Frutarom’s portfolio of phytopharmaceutical ingredients, known as EFLApharm, has been significantly extended by strategic acquisitions in the past two years. All products under the umbrella of EFLApharm are pharma-grade herbal extracts, produced according to GMP guidelines. The botanical extracts are said to be suitable as APIs for the global pharmaceutical market.