Hydrosol promotes solutions for beverage development

12 Feb 2018

Hydrosol’s new all-in compounds let beverage manufacturers as well as dairies benefit from growing demand, the company claims, with its Stabifruit functional systems.

Hydrosol promotes solutions for beverage development

The market for refreshing beverages is growing around the world, notes Hydrosol. The main drivers in the category are fruit juices and fruit juice drinks, which it believes are seeing disproportionate growth. Hydrosol’s new all-in compounds let beverage manufacturers as well as dairies benefit from this growing demand, the company claims, with its Stabifruit functional systems containing all the important components for making refreshing fruity drinks, and offer many advantages over concentrates.

Fruit juices and refreshing fruity drinks have a very positive image with consumers, according to Hydrosol. According to research by Innova Market Insights, flavour and health benefits are the most important sales arguments from consumers’ point of view. Fruit juice manufacturers must meet increasing consumer demands, Hydrosol says, while at the same time addressing various production challenges, from growing cost pressure to requirements placed on storage of concentrations, to guaranteeing the optimum product quality. There are also regulations concerning enrichment with vitamins and minerals, as well as the increasingly frequent calls to reduce sugar content, which negatively impacts the mouth feel and viscosity of drinks.


With its Stabifruit line of all-in compounds, Hydrosol says it offers an attractive solution. Since these functional systems are in powder form, they have high storage stability along with optimum logistics. Unlike with fruit juice concentrates, there are no expiration date issues. Water-free formulations are microbiologically safer than juices or concentrates, the company claims. In addition, with no water there is less weight to transport. These, it says, are measurable cost benefits for users. In addition, these powdered products can be used by manufacturers who were previously not part of the fruit juice industry, and so do not have the specific machinery.

Naturally, Hydrosol says, the compounds are free of preservatives. They are claimed to be easy to use, and with just small dosages give refreshing fruity drinks with appealing mouth feel, colour, flavour and viscosity. Individual components can be used flexibly depending on customer wishes. The fruit content is variable. Sugar content can also be reduced without impacting the quality of the beverage. Cloudiness stability is also important, i.e. keeping particles suspended in cloudy drinks. The unusual cloudiness stability of Hydrosol’s formulations has been demonstrated in scientific testing. Hydrosol’s close collaboration with its sister company SternVitamin is an advantage for customers, it says, since it makes it possible to enrich the all-in compounds individually with vitamins and minerals. This gives manufacturers a custom beverage concept from a single source.

A wide portfolio of fruit flavours is available, including favourites like orange, peach and mango as well as special flavours like raspberry, banana and currant. That means that the new Stabifruit line of all-in compounds provides the basis for a wide range of fruit drinks whose mouth feel, colour, taste and viscosity leave nothing to be desired, Hydrosol claims, while offering substantial economic, logistical and production benefits.