Product description

Milk fat, anhydrous butter-oil, fractionated butterfat and milk fat compounds

In addition to standard butter and butterfat qualities, Uelzena can provide very special milk fat products.
Using a unique fractionation technology, hard stearins are separated from soft or liquid oleins, and the individual fractions can be recombined into a wealth of products. Defined melting points, degrees of hardness as required or a certain melting behavior to meet the customer's specifications are possible upon request.

Another very special technological process, namely deodoration, allows the removal of both color and - if needed - taste from butter, while the reduction of cholesterol is also possible. The result: white fat for light crèmes, white or fruit filled cream candies and chocolates, and fats with a bland taste that can be mixed with nuts, brittle or flavorings.

Using these special technologies, Uelzena can provide highly customized milk fat products: Confectionery manufacturers order fat profiles which deliver an excellent mouthfeel and full-bodied creamy taste. Cookie and biscuit manufacturers appreciate pumpable butter mixes that no longer need to be warmed up prior to processing. Hard candy producers are supported with a liquid cream mix that allows the production of confectionery items with swirled fruits. Chocolate processors are supplied with fats with prolonged solidity that will melt only at a precisely defined temperature.

Milk fats (standard)
›  Anhydrous  milk fat
›  Butterfat with  vanillin or carotene
›  Butterfat fine or softened  with  nitrogen
›  German best quality butter
›  Butter containing added vanillin or carotene

Milk fats (individual)
›  Milk  fat with  defined  melting point
›  Liquid (pumpable) milk fat
›  Premixes from  milk fat and ingredients
›  Decolorized white  milk fat
›  Milk  fat fractions
›  Blends from  milk and plant fats

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Categories Contract manufacturing; Dairy; Oils & Fats
Sales markets Western Europe
Supplied from Germany
Product Applications Bakery; Confectionary; Desserts / ice cream
Product Certifications Halal; Health & Safety (GMP, HAACP and equivalents); Kosher; Quality assurance

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