6 Oct 2017

Dear sir

Firm offers cif emp basis, from grover sons, bombay, india

Turmeric powder,nizamabad grade, 2.5% curcumin @ Us$ 1440 pmt -  o/n

Turmeric powder,madras grade, 2%  curcumin @Us$ 1470 pmt-  o/n

Turmeric powder, faq grade, curcumin approx 1% @Us$ 1375 pmt-  o/n

Cumin seed 99.5% pure sortex cleaned @Us$ 2940 pmt -  o/n

Cumin seed 99% pure machine cleaned @ Us$ 2875 pmt-  o/n

Cumin seed 98% pure machine cleaned, 2% admixture @ Us$ 2825 pmt-  o/n

Celery seed 99% pure machine cleaned @Us$ 1175 pmt - o/n

Fennel seed 99.5% pure, sortex, extra green @ Us$ 1590 pmt-  o/n

Fennel seed 99.5% pure,sortex ,medium green-Us$ 1290 pmt- o/n

Fennel seed, 99.5% pure,sortex, faq green @ Us$ 1190 pmt-o/n

Fenugreek seed, 99.5% pure, sortex cleaned grade [email protected] Us$ 560 pmt-o/n

Fenugreek seed, 99.5% pure, sortex cleaned faq grade (10% greenish  / immature seeds) @ Us$ 530 pmt-o/n

Fenugreek seed 99% pure, machine cleaned @ Us$ 500 pmt-o/n

We await your kind orders

We are not at anuga this year

Turmeric prices dropped as new crop is three months away from harvest and with good rains in the last one month, got the new crop sowing back to life and a healthy crop on the way, also the state government in south are now beginning to unwind their stocks they had bought some time back to pep up the prices, then, and now selling it in open market, so flush of goods available in the markets

Cumin rock steady, new crop sowing will commence now and you will see lots of prices dramatic moves as per weather , crop sowing pattern and demand & supply graphs for the next quarter basis

Domestic demand for all seeds & spices should pick up, the gst pain is being addressed by the government and some new relaxing norms expected today on gst taxes and its pains the trade is suffering, will be taken care or efforts towards that will be taken

Rest seeds and spices prices quite

Nigella seed down again to great buy price levels, come buy, from us, please

Any interest for


Melon kernels

Ground spices

Flax seeds

Basil seeds

Sesame seeds

Any other products of your interest, please advice so that we can endeavour to get you the offers for the same

We are not at anuga this year

Best regards 
manoj grover

Email  : [email protected]
web   : www.groversons.com 
skype : grover.sesame