SternLife addresses key trends

30 Jan 2017

Vegan, high-protein and organic, combined with convenience and enjoyment: this mix of top trends has, the company says, been translated by SternLife, into attractive new ideas for health product suppliers.

SternLife addresses key trends

Vegan, high-protein and organic, combined with convenience and enjoyment: this mix of top trends has, the company says, been translated by SternLife, the functional food specialist, into attractive new ideas for health product suppliers as well as for drugstore chains and private labels.

Organically grown dates are the foundation of the new functional bars which SternLife offers in two flavours: cocoa with the superfood hempseed, and spicy lemon with ginger and chili. Benefitting from the natural, mild sweetness of the dates, the bar is said to be an attractive healthy snack for a wide target group. Its protein content of 20% and a high proportion of dietary fibres are claimed to make it ideal for athletes and persons who casually enjoy active sports – before, during and after training. According to SternLife, the product offers additional value-added potential to, for example, sports nutrition manufacturers. The vegan bar is free from gluten, soy or lactose and has a balanced amino acid profile. Rice, peas and hempseed serve as sources of protein.

SternLife’s vegan protein shake enables manufacturers and retailers to offer a product that appeals specifically to active young people, the company says. The shake with 55% protein and a balanced amino acid profile derived from rice, peas and hemp as well as sunflower seeds is said to help build up and maintain muscle mass, and to promote regeneration after training. A further plus, says the company, is its antioxidative and vitalizing effect, as the shake contains valuable vitamins, minerals, trace elements and secondary plant metabolites – along with a high nutrient density. Fruit and vegetable powders, and above all superfoods like wheatgrass and aronia and goji berries, make it naturally rich in potassium, iron, vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin A. The vegan organic protein shake comes in three flavours: “Red” with super-berries, “Green” with green superfood, and “Brown” with cocoa and coconut. Coconut sugar adds mild sweetness. The instantized shake is free from gluten, soy or lactose, is easy to prepare and has the further advantage of a relatively low calorie content.

The new organic protein porridge will enable brand suppliers to add a versatile vegan trend product to their range, SternLife says. The powder mix consisting of wholemeal rolled oats and magnesium-rich amaranth contains 20% protein from oats, peas and sunflower seeds. With its high level of dietary fibres and pleasant apple-and-cinnamon flavour, the organic porridge is said to make an ideal breakfast with a long-lasting satisfying effect. The purely vegetable powder only has to be mixed with hot water. Next to vegans, manufacturers will be able to position the protein porridge to persons with lactose intolerance and exploit other marketing possibilities.

For breakfast, for an evening meal or to take to work, the new SternLife bakery bread mix is said to give a boost to strong brands and private labels. The organic vegan bakery mix is designed to give a fluffy loaf with a high protein and dietary fibre content but a low level of carbohydrate. It is also gluten-free, which the company says is the exception rather than the rule with protein bread. With its unique nutrient profile, the protein bakery mix meets the needs and wishes of a wide array of target groups. It can be marketed to vegans and vegetarians, but also to athletes and consumers who attach importance to a low-carb diet. And the organic protein bread is perfect for sensitive persons, too, since it contains neither gluten nor lactose.