Winners of Bridge2Food Sports & Active Nutrition Awards announced

28 Jun 2017

Fori Meat Snack Bars, Gymgrossisten carbonated protein drink, Firmenich's range of ‘Protein Shield Flavours’ and Saturo Foods RTD were announced as the winners at the 7th Sports & Active Nutrition Summit 2017 in the Netherlands.

Winners of Bridge2Food Sports & Active Nutrition Awards announced

Fori Meat Snack Bars won Best Sports & Active Nutrition Product in the 2017 Bridge2Food Sports & Active Nutrition Awards, which celebrate the innovators creating the next generation of categories, products, beverages and ingredients to delight an increasingly health conscious and active consumer.

Fori was recognised for its natural, long life, high protein meat snack bars. Developed in Wales by Carl Austin, it includes flavours such as Moroccan Apricot and Date, Thai Turkey with Chia Seeds & Lemongrass and Chili Beef with Cranberry and Date.

“These meat snacks were natural tasting, convenient and very simply so much more ‘foodie’ and appetising than many meat snacking options out on the market,” said judge Claire Nuttall, founder of Brand Incubato. “They brought something different and more aspirational to the category. Adding chia seeds and other innovative healthy ingredients makes all the difference to making a good product, great!”

“Winning the award is a huge honour for us,” said Carl Austin, founder of Fori. “Our real snack revolution has only just begun. Hopefully, recognition from such a prestigious judging panel will help spread the word to active people that you can snack without compromise.”

Star Nutrition Protein Soda from Gymgrossisten was awarded Best New Category Development.

Gymgrossisten was recognised for a new carbonated protein drink in four flavours – Cola, Orange, Lemon & Lime and Exotic – containing 10 grams of protein per serving with a delicious taste and texture. An ‘on the go’ protein product, designed for both mainstream retail consumers and established gym user as an alternative to sugar filled ‘fizzy pop’ and as a stand-alone post workout drink.

“The judges felt that Protein Soda represented a creative innovation in the active nutrition beverage category,” said judge Colinda Hoegee, MD, Holland & Barrett Benelux. “This reflects the increasing trend to adapt mainstream products to target active consumers as well as sports enthusiasts, looking for functional, tasty products.”

Firmenich was awarded Most Novel Ingredient for its range of ‘Protein Shield Flavours’ designed to mask the bitter and astringent notes of protein whilst enhancing the desirable sensory characteristics of flavour. The natural, dairy free range was developed using Firmenich’s ‘captive protein masking technology’ and delivers a smooth and clean taste profile and effectively masks the undesirable flavour notes of functional ingredients.

“The judges felt that Firmenich’s range of Protein Shield Flavours developed with extensive sensory testing, represents a key innovation, and significant market opportunity,” said Hoegee. “As the demand for alternative protein products increases, the ability to not only mask the taste and texture of protein but to enhance its taste is a real breakthrough.”

Saturo Foods RTD was awarded Best Sports & Active Nutrition Beverage.

One 500ml bottle of Saturo RTD food contains a complete, balanced meal including cabohydrates, protein, lipids, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Saturo can be consumed straight from the bottle, is available in a range of flavours, has a low glycaemic index and is totally vegan.

“Saturo tasted delicious,” said Nuttall. “Unlike other competitor alternatives, the chocolate one in particular had a great texture and taste, making you feel like you were nourishing your body. A great design which looked far more contemporary than alternatives on the market closely linked to old age rather than modern lifestyles. A modern approach to eating well on the move if you have to skip a meal. They really fill you up, yet don’t feel hard work at all.”

“Saturo is proud to have won this award which will help us communicate our extreme focus on high product quality and user experience which is unmatched in Europe,” said Hannes Feistenauer, CEO of Saturo Foods. “We thank the whole team for offering us this opportunity to share our product, values and vision.”

The winners were announced at the 7th Sports & Active Nutrition Summit 2017 in the Netherlands. Europe’s leading Active Nutrition Summit brought together leading professionals from around the world to share new innovations, insights and developments in the Industry.