Highbush Blueberry Happiness Today and Year Round

26 Apr 2018

Highbush blueberry season in the USA has begun.  The season runs from February (Florida and California) and ends in October (Northwestern United States).  In addition, frozen, dried, and liquid blueberry formats are available.  The peak of North American frozen production is from June through August. Enjoy real blueberries year round. Take advantage of USA blueberries!  Use in a range of products, and show your blueberries. Sign up for the Real Blueberries Seal™ of identity. 

Delicious highbush blueberries are native to North America and have been commercially produced for more than 100 years!  Today highbush blueberries are grown in 30+ US states.  Scientific research related to antioxidants, aging, brain function, cardiovascular, eye health and more is found at http://www.blueberrytech.org/research/research-database.htm.

Flavorful and visible highbush blueberries provide rich color and natural sweetness to a range of products from breakfast bars and pie fillings, to beverages, salads sauces and condiments. Their luscious plump appearance makes them appealing peeking out of toppings or boldly studding muffins. Blueberries come in various formats providing variety, texture and flavor. 

Consumers appreciate that blueberries are a healthful, natural ingredient. The fact that a product contains real blueberries enhances its appeal to consumers. 

Highbush Blueberry Happiness Today and Year Round
It is alwasys a good time for beautiful, delicious US Highbush Blueberries.

Real Blueberries Seal™ 

Show your blueberries and assure consumers they are getting real blueberries in products.  Display the Real blueberries Seal™ on your package. For information go to http://www.realblueberries.org.

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