LAE® patent concerning its combination with organic acids

18 Oct 2019

The granted patent protects for Laboratorios Miret S.A. and in all food and cosmetic products, the combination of LAE® (Ethyl lauroyl arginine HCl) with salts of organic acids such as lactates, diacetates and citrates, and inorganic acids such as phosphates. This patent also describes and protects the encapsulated forms of LAE® .

Preservative systems based on cationic surfactants are known in the art of science. A typical example of such cationic surfactants is the ethyl ester of the lauramide of arginine monohydrochloride (LAE®). In addition to the chloride form, the corresponding bromide and sulfate salts are also known.

It was found:
- That other salts of cationic surfactants display excellent properties, such as the salts of lactic acid, glutamic acid and acetic acid.
- That the combination of the cationic surfactants, with at least one salt of an organic or inorganic acid offers an excellent preservative action.
- An additional preservative system with favorable properties was the combination of the cationic surfactants with at least one ester compound, amide or enzyme inhibitor.
- Also, the combination of the cationic surfactant with a further cationic molecule such as ethyl arginate, glucosamine or chitosan led to an effective preservative system.
- Besides, a preservative system of the encapsulated cationic surfactant has also shown effectiveness.

In addition, the European Patent Office has granted the corresponding European patent. 

LAE® patent concerning its combination with organic acids

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