Pork Skin Gelatin, Type A Gelatin

Product description

Pork Skin Gelatin is a protein product produced by partial hydrolysis of collagen rich pork skins. It is produced strictly according to the purity standards of the FDA. It is made up of amino acids joined together by amide linkages in a long molecular chain. These amino acids perform an imperative function in the building of connective tissue in humans. It is available in food and pharmaceutical grade. It is also available in product pork skin gelatin 120-250 Bloom (acid treated). It is non-GMO, kosher, halal, GRAS and BSE free certified product. It is used as stabilizer, thickener, texturizer, fat replacement, gel capsules and binding agent. It is free from additives and preservatives. It is made to order bloom strength and particles sizes available (8-80 mesh). It is available in packaging size of 44 pound (20KGS) plastic lined paper bags-36 bags (1584lbs/720KGS) per pallet and 120 pound (54 KGS) plastic lined fiber drum.
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