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Soy Protein is produced via wet or dry extraction of soy. It has a high protein content with a strong profile of amino acids. With a strong absorbability and wide range of applications, soy is a great source of protein for your product. It has different types such as isolate - protein content >90% and elimination of complex sugars and most of ANF, concentrate - protein content >70% and textured-protein content >70%, dietary fiber-20%. It has strong amino acid profile, digestive comfort, highest protein content (over rice, wheat, potato, pea), similar protein characteristics to non-vegetarian sources. It is Non-GMO and kosher certified. It is used as functional protein for meat and injection applications, processed foods, soups and sauces, particular nutrition for nutraceuticals, sport and clinical, protein enrichment for baked goods, cereals and snacks. It ia available in packing size of 44.10 pounds/20 KGS kraft paper bags with liner, 120 pounds/54.43 KGS in fiber drum with plastic liner and 36 bags per pallet and 720 KGs/1588 lbs per pallet.
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