Tate & Lyle welcomes FDA allulose ruling

24 Apr 2019

Following a comprehensive nutrition-based review by the FDA in response to Tate & Lyle’s citizen’s petition, the FDA has now published draft guidance allowing the exemption of allulose from the ‘Sugars’ and ‘Added Sugars’ line of the Nutrition Facts Panel in the US.

Previously, allulose was required to be included in the ‘Sugars’ and ‘Added Sugars’ lines of the Nutrition Facts Panel, even though it is virtually calorie free. Going forward, it will continue to be included in the carbohydrate line of the Nutrition Fact Panel (with the negligible caloric impact on % daily value), and label simply as allulose in the ingredients list.

Tate & Lyle welcomes FDA allulose ruling

The FDA’s decision will give US food and beverage manufacturers the ability to deliver calorie and sugar reductions in consumer end products where the ingredient is used, as well as ensuring greater consumer understanding of the true benefits of allulose. Research has shown that listing an ingredient as a ‘Sugar’ and an ‘Added Sugar’, but having it contribute virtually no calories, is confusing for consumers.

Abigail Storms, Vice President of Global Strategic Marketing at Tate & Lyle said, “Our regulatory, legal, nutrition and marketing teams have worked with the FDA to show the potential health benefit that Allulose could have for US consumers, if labeled in a clear and appropriate way. It’s very rewarding to receive this decision and unlock the great potential that Allulose has to reduce calories in a significant way while delivering great taste and functionality.”

Abigail Storms added, “Leading the commercialization of Allulose back in 2015 with DOLCIA PRIMA® Allulose gave us the opportunity to be the first to work with food and beverage manufacturers on their calorie reduction challenges using this ingredient. We’ve seen incredible solutions, but the labeling was a challenging hurdle until now. I am excited at the impact we can now make together with our customers on the reduction in sugar consumption in brands across categories in the US. This is a breakthrough in our ability to offer consumer and customer relevant solutions in the face of today’s obesity and diabetes health crises.”

Tate & Lyle looks forward to significantly broadening the use of DOLCIA PRIMA® Allulose, providing their nutrition, clinical, consumer knowledge and formulation expertise around this breakthrough ingredient.

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