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Our caramel specialities are obtained by the controlled heat treatment of food sugars with one or multiple ingredients which give a distinctive taste and/or special texture to the final product. The raw materials used to produce these caramels are traditional sugars, to which we add one or several ingredients: milk, butter, salted butter, fruit extracts, honey, malt, chocolate, vegetable fat (non hydrogenated)...
  • Milk caramels
  • Caramels with butter
  • Aromatic caramels with butter
  • Chocolate caramels
  • Caramels with malt
  • Caramels with fruit extracts
  • Caramel fillings
Our caramel specialties can be used in a wide range of applications - for example as:
  • coatings
  • fillings
  • inclusions
  • ripple toppings 
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