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Aromatic caramels are light to dark brown liquids or solids, obtained by the controlled heat treatment of sugars. Their main purpose is to enhance taste. Aromatize, sweeten, colour or play the role of taste enhancer:
  • Dairy products 
  • Ice creams 
  • Flavour bases 
  • Pastry and pastry cases 
  • Sauces, ready meals 
  • Aperitifs, liqueurs, brandies... 
Thickened aromatic caramels:Thickened caramels are used for layers and toppings in dairy dessert applications where they enhance visual appeal. Thickeners help maintain the segregation between the caramel layer and the dessert by preventing the migration of whey from the dairy component into the caramel and the diffusion of colour, aroma and sugars from the caramel into the dairy component. Thickeners also improve mouthfeel and pourability.
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Aromatic Caramels

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