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Nigay provides wide range of products which includes Burnt Sugar. Burnt sugars are both in the definition of aromatic caramel and caramel color definition. The caramels are liquid or solid, of dark brown color. They are produced by the controlled heat treatment of food sugars without the use of chemical promoters caramelization action. 

Burnt sugars bring both taste and colour to the final product. 
  • If it adds a discernible taste then the labelling is: "caramel (glucose syrup, water, sugar)" or "caramel (sugar, water)" 
  •  If the burnt sugar only brings colour then it must be labelled: "colour: E150a"

Nigay has always strongly advised its customers not to mislead the final consumer. Faced with the actual enthusiasm for "clean & clear labelling" ingredients, transparency and clear information about burnt sugars is a major preoccupation for the company.

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