Product description

Why MCA?

Milei® MCA is a whey product rich in natural milk minerals, particularly calcium, manufactured from sweet whey. The product is convincing with a pleasant dairy taste.

Key Features
  • Excellent possibility to increase the daily intake of natural milk calcium
  • lts natural milkiness provides a natural look and a full-flavored milky taste
  • Great dispersibility and heat stability
  • Pleasant mouthfeel
  • Provides good flowability, easy and clean powder handling
  • lntrinsic lactose contributes to bulking and dry matter increase
  • Adds the benefit of other valuable dairy solids as lactose and protein
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Categories Dairy; Functional Food; Proteins
Product Applications Bakery; Confectionary; Dairy; Proteins; Ready meals; Sauces & Seasoning
Product Certifications Halal; Health & Safety (GMP, HAACP and equivalents); Kosher; Quality assurance; Sustainable Seafood

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