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Whey Derivates With Unlimited Possibilities

The product family of whey proteins ranges from Milei® 35 to Milei® 80. They are derived from native sweet whey using state-of-the-art filtration. Due to their wide range of functionalities and high nutritional value, MILEI whey protein concentrates and isolates are ideal for a broad spectrum of both nutrition and food applications, like infant-, clinical- and performance-nutrition. MILEI also offers unique modifications like naturally acidified, lactose reduced, heat-stable or instantized whey protein concentrates and -islolates.
We also realize product adaptations according to customer or market requirements, as well as customized blends.

Key Features
  • Outstanding protein quality by gentle processing, being one of the rst companies extracting proteins
  • Defined and balanced nutritional composition with high levels of essential and branched chain amino acids
  • Excellent texturizing, emulsifying, foaming and gelling properties with a clean label
  • Pleasant clean flavor, odor and appearance
  • Lactose reduced and heat-stable variations can optimize customers’ product composition
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Categories Dairy; Proteins
Product Applications Bakery; Beverages; Confectionary; Dairy; Desserts / ice cream; Healthy Food & Beverages; Infant Nutrition/ Baby Foods & Infant Formula; Proteins; Ready meals; Sauces & Seasoning; Sports Nutrition

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