Non-Dairy Creamer Powder

Product description

Non-dairy creamer powder is a general term for microencapsulated plant oil powder that is made of refine material such as hydrogenated vegetable oil, milk remification and glucose syrup, etc. Through a series of process including emulsifications, embedment, chlorine-serilization and spray-dryness lineally. With the increasing development of food industry, plant liquid powder becomes a more and more protruding material in food industry and its excellent physical properties and reasonable price are favored by more and more clients. It is used for instant drinks such as instant coffee, sesame jelly, formulated milk powder, instant meild tea, in the field of beverage like soybean milk, bubble black tea, peanut milk and milk, in the field of ice-cream industry, in the field of confectionery industry like candy, chocolate and pudding, in the field of ingredient industry like powdered flavor and vitamin complex and in the industry of instant noodles, instant food, soup, seasoning, and baked goods. It has many types of flavors and it can be applied for modifying the flavor, color and taste of finished products. It can replace expensive milk fat, cocoa butter or partially mild protein to reduce the cost.
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